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Me in Greece!

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5 Lessons learned in Greece about food, people and life!

I feel extremely fortunate  to have recently travelled to Greece with my sister.  My journeys abroad are few: Mexico, Ireland and now Greece.  I think Australia is next on the list, but that trip can wait.  My travel bug  is currently very satiated.  I would love to share some observations and ponderings with you about my time in Greece.

One of the first sea salt blends I created when I started my last business, Earth & Sea Salts, was the Greek Blend.  Not really knowing a lot about Greek cuisine, I allowed my passion for Greek salads and lamb to be the inspiration for this one.   So, you can imagine how bad I wanted to try some things while I was there.  I had a list of dishes and beverages I wanted to consume, and my sister allowed me the freedom to strategically choose restaurants so I could joyfully check these things off my list.  My list included: octopus, moussaka, souvlaki, gyros, ouzo, greek pizza and yogurt, dolmas, raki and as many greek salads that I could squeeze in my belly.

Lesson #1: While in Greece, do as your server says.

I found the Greek people to be very sincere, in a direct and energy- conserving manner, without much pretense.  They seemed to take great pride in their food and offered advice on several occasions.  Several servers seemed to have an intuitive hit on my probable dislike of something or if I could eat it all.  For example, I really wish I would have listened to our first waiter in Naxos town on the island of Naxos when he told me that the Raki would be too strong for me.  Holy cow, was he right!  Another time when I ordered moussaka, the waiter warned me that it would be too much for me to eat.  However, that was my planned time and place to order moussaka, so I did.  It was so savory and filling that I now want to make it for my family holiday dinner, but I couldn’t even eat half of it!

Lesson #2: Work hard but love more!

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